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Saturday, 25 August 2012

And the Moral of the Story Is...

So we finished our stay in Savaii with a trip to the markets,

and me giving my bike away to Tala, who toured us through the Dwarf Caves back in Manase. He turned up on the bus (would have taken a few hours) and caught us on our way back from a spending frenzy. He was pretty stoked about the bike, and i was relieved not to have to lug it back to Oz!

Once in Apia, we spent the day at Apia Flea Market, lunch at Aggie Gray's, then a tour of the Robert Louise Stevenson memorial.
The memorial was surprisingly excellent, this gorgeous sprawling house in it's original condition (although mostly with replica's, because his wife sold all his things after he died). The little one was exhausted, but we dealt with it the usual way!
Unfortunately we couldn't contact the pre-school we rode for! We are not sure if the number was old or incorrect, but we never got to see them, which was very disappointing.

Finally, i know many of you think "wow, good on you guys, but i could never do that", and i thought i would share with you the four diverse women who completed this trip:
1) Me: obviously i am in my 30's, one baby, and fairly irrepressible. most people would consider me the exception to humankind - but that is a myth when you consider these three wonderful women...
2) Sally: she has 3 kids from around 12ys to 7yrs. Sally had never really ridden a bike (outside the occasional spin class) and she whooped us.
3) Jen: she has two teenage boys, had done a little riding, but trained her ass off. She carried our food for the entire 300km trip.
4) Diana: who is riddled with chronic pain caused by a variety reasons, and has never let it stop her. If Diana can ride 300km in that state, why couldn't you?!

I think it is okay not to do these things if you do not want to. However if the only thing stopping you is that you think you can't - then that is not good enough! We can all do anything we wish, we just may have to figure out how first. And that is what these girls have demonstrated in this trip.

The moral of the story is:
Wish it
Plan it
Do it
and don't hesitate long enough to let doubt (or as i like to call it, your inner chicken) slow you or stop you.

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