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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Four Women and a Baby

So we have had two "rest" days in Manase, a thriving town with 10 bus stops, 4 resorts, and one shop/petrol station/bank, which, incidentally, ran out of petrol today!

Yesterday we spent the morning lazing around the beach, before popping back onto our bikes to check out the women's craft market in another village. The market turned out to be one fala and one lady, weaving baskets and place mats. It was cool though, the only retail therapy available on the island so far. Jen bought a bag, we handed Evie off to another enormous Samoan lady, and we went to lunch satisfied.

We are starting to recognise people, and be recognised in turn, because i suppose we are rather remarkable! Certainly the chariot makes us stand out.

There is a reef right out the front of our Fala's, which has little blue fish and starfish, and is responsible for the demise of my camera (so photos here on in will be from the others!!). What is amazing to me is that a honking sea breaze comes in right on 11am everyday, and the water is completely empty. It would be rocking windsurfing. But there are no boats whatsoever!!

Today we were back on the bikes, to visit a lava cave about 5km west of here. We got there easily, but then had to hike up a 2km fire trail which was so steep the bikes got pushed. Once up there we entered a hole in the ground which opened up to this cavernous area which the locals belive is inhabited by Dwarfs. On the way there we ran into some men collecting coconuts. They obliged us in cutting a couple open for us to drink and then came along just for fun into the caves. They had this odd habit of pulling their shirts off
everytime a camera came out. Eventually they told us they were Kiwi's, over here for 3wks helping out their relatives. Chris would have had a field day bagging the all-blacks.

Anyway, we have been warned about the hills on tomorrow course. so it will be an early night.

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