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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We Can Do Anything

Faleolupo was extremely isolated, with no running water, conservative use of the lights, and no other villages within 5km. The point was hit fairly hard by a cyclone (I think in 1992), and the road has still not been repaired, which cuts them off. We saw the “monsters footprint”, which is a huge footprint in the lava (as tall as I am). It was a quiet night, and strange being so far from everything.

Today finally went our way in terms of kilometres! Supposed to be 40-50km, we got here in 35km. Jen had a flat at the first few K, at around 8km we stopped and changed it. Thanks to Chris for the bike lessons!

It was tough going, with lots of hills, and Jen was ill fairly early on (I think dehydration and fatigue took it's toll). She showed amazing courage and pushed on (with copious amounts of gastrolyte and cordial) and got through an extremely tough day.

If you saw some of the hills we made it up, you would see we are amazing. Diana said "Clare can do everything", and i think the same is true for everyone here - it's just we have to learn how to do it first ;-)
Satuiatua is a top surfing spot in Samoa. There is a reef about 3 metres from my front door step, and once the sun goes down a bit I will get Evie out to play in the sand (we may even use her little reef shoes).

When we got to Satuiatua, i found a Labrador Dog book in their used book library. I showed Evie, and she said "dada" ("toby") and proceded to hug the dog book. I felt a bit bad, she was so excited to see a dog, she is obviously a bit tired and homesick. It was very cute nonetheless. and i am sure she is happy being a naked baby for a few weeks.

Tomorrow is our last day of riding. Everyone is tired, sore, and grumpy. I hope we can hold it together for one more day, and cross the line together.

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