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Monday, 13 August 2012

Samoa trip day 1

Today we cycled 3km from the Airport Lodge to the Ferry, then 1km from the Ferry to Luisa's Lagoon Chalets. It seems pretty piddly, but when you consider we breakfasted at 8am (5am Sydney time) and rode our bikes completely loaded up with ALL our gear, it was actually quite an accomplishment! It is super humid too – but I think everyone is enjoying that considering what we left.

We have settled in for the afternoon at Luisa's, having enjoyed a complimentary coconut, and a dip in the rock pool (which was a little chilly). I think everyone is enjoying an afternoon nap, well deserved.
Evie is absolutely delightful. Relaxed and cheerful, I hope it lasts.

It has come over cloudy now, with a rocking wind. I hope if it storms it does so tonight while we can watch it, then clears up for tomorrow. Although I cannot quite figure what I would prefer – riding in the rain, or riding in the blistering sun...

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