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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 3 Lano to Manese, supposedly 28km.

So today was actually 32km.

The first 20km or so were really tough. It was undulating but mostly uphill, in the blazing sun. We stopped at a coconut stand that appeared out of nowhere. and when i stopped i almost passed out. it was a good wake up call!! the coconut juice is the perfect electrolyte, and the lovely Samoan lady cut them as well so we got to eat the inside.

A highlight today was the lava fields – we saw
where volcano lava had spilt through a church, and miraculously gone around a young virgin's grave (she was the daughter of the village chief, who died at 18yrs old of an illness).

We swam with Turtles, but that was a bit of an anticlimax. It was a turtle pond that you are invited to swim in – but no-one does. It is a bit dirty.

Again, our accomodation is in absolute beachfront fale's. We are here for 3 nights. I started Evie on antibiotics today because she has a nagging cough and is clutching her right ear. So I think the flight might have exacerbated her symptoms (she had a cold before we left).

Riding today was really tough, and I have to thank the girls for sticking with me. Faulty gears meant I couldn't go fast downhill or uphill, and they kept checking on me the whole way, which made me feel like part of the crew. This is shaping up to be a fabulous trip.

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