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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 2 – Luisa's to Lano 17km

Well, so we thought, we made it to Lano in about 23km – but more on that later!!
The sights for this day were the markets and the John Williams memorial. We somehow missed the markets. But we got to John's memorial! JH was a missionary who brought Christianity to Samoa, so all the Jesus Loves Us is his fault ;-)
More interesting was the volume and spectacle of churches. i took photos of every single one until i realised that they are all magnificent and there is one on every corner.

Remarkable things happend -at the memorial, my derailer (the thing that changes your gears) fell completely to pieces. We had to search the road for the bits, happily found them, then spent the next hour or so figuring out how to put it back together.

We had the assistance of a few locals.

The Samoan's love babies. Everywhere we go Evie is coddled and cared for. For the most part she is happy to oblige. We spent the last 6km asking every person on the side of the road where Lano was, which entailed some slight anxiety but we made it in the end.

Our accommodation in Lano was Lauiula's Beach Fale's. Complete beachfront Fales with authentic dinner and breakie provided. We got to help cook it, but were a bit disspointed when the pig ran away and we had curry instead.

My bike held together ok, however I can no longer change gears with ease.

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