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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Warrior Mummy Smashing It

For those of you reading this on the Collaroy Plateau, there is some truely amazing and inspirational people living amongst us. I thoug today i would share a quick note, briefly telling their stories, and directing you to where to find more info ot to help out.

Firstly is Curtis Palmer, who broke his back when he was 15yrs old in a rugby match, and has been a quadreplegic ever since. He has competed in four Olympics for wheelchair rugby, and is currently working as an inspirational speaker. On his website was an event that truely astounded me, which was him tackling Alexander St (uphill, althoug i imagine downhill in a wheelchair would have been equally challenging!). See his website for more on Curtis.

Secondly, i met some friends of the ever-positive Lisa, who has been battling cancer on and off since she was 22yrs old. She has two kids, a successful career, and a bright and cheery blog:  She has been diagnosed with motor neuron disease, and more recently brain cancer, but refuses to go out without a fight (and a sense of humor). Lisa has such a noble attitude in the face of devastating tragedy, that she makes me count my blessings twice.

These are real people facing real adversity. I often think about the general population spending so much money on takeaway food, make up, holidays, cosmetic surgery, etc (myself included), and think that we do not know how lucky we are. These people are sent into financial ruin just to stay alive, and rely on charity for the rest of it.

The lesson is to appreciate the scent of the air you breathe today, the warmth of the sun on your face, and the company that you are in, because it may be drastically different tomorrow.