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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Splurge

Yesterday's body and soul liftout pronted a statistic that i found disturbing: the average australian will gain between 0.8 & 1.5kgs this xmas that they'll never lose. In addition, most women that start a diet in the new year will have given up within a week.

I often say to my clients that i have no greater willpower or resistance to food than they do, i just have better avoidance strategies. Here are my strategies to avoid the splurge when i can, so i never have to say no if i dont want to:

1) go running- i sleep in in the holidays like everyone else. But before breakfast, before a shower, i go jogging. When i couldn't run i walked. It is simply some alone time to burn some fuel and start the day feeling fresh. I find when i feel good about myself i eat better too.

2) always participate- i am not a huge fan of mountain biking, but my husband loves it, and has built me this rocking great bike. When in tumut (where his family is from) there is some great single trail, and i make a poknt of always saying yes when asked to go. Likewise if someone is throwing a football, playing backyard cricket, or swimming, so am i.

3) salad first- i will eat everything available at xmas lunch. However i always fill my plate with green leafy salad before going back for the rest, including dessert. This way i eat less of the bad stuff but i never miss out.

Good luck with your weight management these holidays, may you be an exceptional, not average aussie this xmas :-)