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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Raining again, nothing to prove

Today's session was the first time i had been asked "is it still on?" - i sensed a bit of weariness. Fair enough too, since out of the 5 sessions we have had, 3 have rained (not just a little either).

Plan A was to circumnavigate Narrabeen Lake, about 10km, climbing around fences to do it.

That quickly changed to Plan B when the weather didn't clear, which was to walk the bike track around the eastern side of the lake to the beach and back.

That changed again with this comment, and the fact that the bike trail was flooded (yes i checked), so we confined ourselves to the gym.

The session was a cross-fit inspired one. For any of you who have done cross-fit, you know how intense it can be. I don't follow their exercise selection, but i do enjoy their format, and so adapted it for a hiking workout from hell.

The goal was to complete 100 reps of each exercise (see for the full workout) in under an hour. After that, we have 4 choices:
  1. leave early
  2. sit on a bike and yell "encouragement"
  3. assist those still going with a hand-up
  4. keep training and add the extra numbers to someone else's score
No-one left early! It was a nice feeling when Sandra pitched in and finished my set of thrusters for me, and then we all did an extra 16 of the pack lift for Lisa (although Lisa probably did twice as many as the rest of us in everything - she got a little confused...!)

We puffed, our legs are shot, but we are that little bit stronger and more ready for Peru!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Hike and Bike Tazzie

This weekend i surprised my husband by showing up at his work on Friday, and taking him to Tazzie to mountain bike for the weekend. So the Walking Group was left to their own devises.

Their mission was to walk the coast road from Dee Why to Manly - including soft sand. Friday afternoon was when that enormous southerly came through and battered Sydney - do you think it stopped them? We had one stuck at work, but the rest all made it, and hiked into the wind and rain, one of them with a 12kg child in their pack. I was suitably impressed to hear this!

Winner of our challenge this week was Sandra Fowler, who did 10min K's with a 5kg pack. She got a handful of oregano from my garden.

The oldest standing bridge in Australia, 1814 i think.

I was left to my own devises, as Chris did 5-6hrs of mountain biking a day, and was consumed with filling his face in between rides (i must admit i engaged in that too...!!). I endeavored 2 walks a day, one with Evie in her backpack, and one with her in the pram, with lots of baby-activities in between to make sure she was happy to be still for a couple of hours!

The first walk on Saturday morning was supposed to be 4-5k.... it was actually 10! I took a walking trail instead of the bike trail (to be polite), but a train track cuts the walking track, so i had to walk 1.25k back to where i started and begin again! On top of this, but our friend had incorrectly "guesstimated" the distance, but communicated it to me like it was a fact....!

Mount Wellington Walk
Evie mercifully slept a lot of it, and i rewarded myself with a trip to Salamander Markets. That afternoon we headed up Mt Wellington, where the boys did a 2hr downhill expedition, and i did a gorgeous hike then drove down to meet them. It is such dramatic scenery, with spectacular views, and only 10min from town. This day was 15k's, i was off to a good start.

Evie in my boots
On Sunday i started with the pack, on a fantastic mountain bike course built by the private school, St Virgil's. This was a 5k walk, slow because my foot was starting to really hurt (not just generally hurt like it has been lately!). In the arvo, i did a lackluster 4k around the waterworks, and called it a day.
Sunday's walk
Despite my sore foot, i was pretty happy to get some decent kilometres under my belt! And so proud that my group went ahead without me even in the extreme circumstances. This is a journey that i am enjoying immensely already!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Soft Sand, Agility, Spectacular views (and equally spectacular climbs...!)

This week we met at Collaroy Surf Club. The day started miserably, but by the afternoon it was a mild, sunny, and cloudless day. Two kids loaded into packs, we set off for a simple walk to Dee Why Beach.
We took the coast road, which doubles the length of the walk, and means most of it is on soft sand. In addition, once we made the top of long reef, we went down the eastern side to the rock platforms for some agility training, and then climbed the stairs back up again.

Sprightly Deb and Sandra were setting a cracking pace again, so to tie them up i had them doing walking lunges and little sprints up the beach. Lisa had the dubious honor of a passer-by confiding in her that our walking lunges were the "funniest thing he's ever seen".

Curiously, Lisa saved that for the bus ride home, so who knows how many other people we entertained!

Sandra's little girl did the 1 & 1/2hr trip with a lot of food bribes, but no peeps. I was not so lucky, with Evie crying relentlessly the entire stretch of Dee Why Beach. She eventually collapsed asleep against my neck, leaving me in peace (although somewhat uncomfortable!).

We will be working on our speed over the coming weeks, building towards our goal of 10min per kilometre, with our packs on. See our facebook page for updates:

Remember anyone is welcome to join us, 3-5pm Fridays , or we have some full day hikes in May and June, including an over-nighter in the Blue Gum Forest. Contact me if you are interested!

Otherwise, we would really appreciate your support, as we are not doing this just for ourselves! Sponsor us at:

Onwards and Upwards!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Walk Two... Limped home

Friday's walk was much shorter, 4km's or so in over an hour.

However, it was a sharp uphill turn in intensity... literally!

For those readers on the northern beaches, we climbed Collaroy Plateau - straight up, Alexander St Style - 7 times. In addition, we had extra kilo's on our back. Sandra and i had 10+ kg kids. I accepted help about halfway through when Leyette offered to carry my pack and child for a way, but Sandra did the whole thing on her own. I was very impressed!

It made me think about weight though. I am 60kg, and when i added 10kg of child, i was useless. Everything was harder. My back and legs burned. I was slow. I wanted it to be over. I wondered if that is what everyone who is carrying 10 extra kilos feels like when they exercise, and i am sure it is!

The thing about these girls is, not once did they complain. They all absolutely did their best (and helped me walk 4 dogs). It is just such great company. They will be formidable people when they are at their goal weight and feeling like a million bucks!

The view was worth it, as always...

Monday, 4 February 2013

First Peru Training Walk... An appropriate adventure!

On friday we had our first walk in preparation for Peru! The Forcast was ominous with thunderstorms, but not one participant felt the need to double check that we were still walking!!

About 15min in the heavens opened, and it seriously bucketed rain. I gave the girls the option of turning around, waiting it out, or sucking. it. up.

The consensus was unanimous... we sucked it up! 5 and a bit k's later, we were soaked-through, frothy, tired, and having a delightful time trudging back up onto the plateau.

Once again i find myself in the company of four wonderful people, with things to teach me.
looking forward to next Friday!!

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