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Monday, 3 September 2012

Return of the Sandbag

Today was my first day of outdoor training. Since the old gym has closed, and the new one is two weeks from opening, me and a select bunch of super keen clients have taken to DY beach. I remember why i liked Sandbags now, and have had a wonderful day inflicting them willy nilly!

The following exercises are so simple, yet work every muscle in your body, including your heart and lungs:
1) pulling the bag behind you- arms, abs, and legs. Tones and develops power, as well as burning lots of calories.
2) walking backwards and pulling the bag- more emphasis is placed on the butt, back, and thighs.
3) sideways works your butt and waist more.
4) squat and press- with two hands or one, this exercise is a kettlebell exercise that is much harder (and more effective) with a sandbag, precisely because it is so unstable. It takes alot of effort to control the momentum, which means lots of muscles used, lots of strength gains, and lots of training effects!

Got more in store for tonights clients, and will post more ideas later in the week. The weather has been sensational, and if you have not been outside yet, do it today!

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