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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pre Samoan Jitters

So for the next couple of weeks this blog will take the form of a diary, as me and three other women cycle 290km around the Samoan island of Savaii to raise money for a little pre-school in Apia.

At first it was to be a family trip, but due to our renovations (yay, new gym!!) Chris has been forced to stay behind, leaving me to tow our 10kg 11mth-old behind my bike. The trip has gone from being a pleasant, achievable, ride, to something a little scary!!

Chris and i discussed leaving the baby behind with him, as we have completed other sporting trips and invariably i get tired, emotional, and start to crack towards the end. However i am going to take her, just because it's scary, and because i will crack, and because that it what makes a trip like this an achievement. You crack, but you also finish!

Stay tuned for pictures and more of our adventures!

If you want to donate money to the school also, go to and use the contact page to get in touch with the Chief!!

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