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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Oh My God My Lady-Garden is Wrecked

I know I have been harping on about the distances, but you have to feel sorry for us today, when we expected 45km, and got 55.7km. After yesterdays tired and grumpy ending, we started today with a fresh face, stayed together, even drafting eachother as need be, and crossed the finish line together. It was a fantastic achievement, and I think we are all absolutely knackered.

The day started plesently enough, however I slowed everyone down. I knew it was a long day, and had packed 4 litres of water, plus my computers (distrusting the taxi driver), plus the tools, first aid kit, Evie's paraphernalia, sunscreen and aeroguard, plus the 30kg that is Evie + pram. Needless to say, I was SLOW! Eventually Di and Jen stopped, and took about 10kg of stuff from me, and it made all the difference.

We stopped to see the Taga Blowholes, which were spectacular and scary. I thought to go stand under one, but was a little too freaked out. Once we got close I didn't dare go any closer (and Evie was freaking out anyway!!).


Sally was the next one to go down, and after 3hrs we were only half-way. I started to stress about getting to the Chalet's before our bags, because I didn't know what the driver would do if he arrived and we were not here. Would he take off with our bags? Would he wait and demand an exorbitant price? I ran out of money today so I was worried. A bit of revolting cordial fixed Sally right up, and we starting making better time.

The plan now was to grab some bread, cycle to the waterfall, and have lunch. We stopped at store after store, none of which had bread. We resolved to have biscuits for lunch, still at the waterfall

 The waterfall was a long time coming, and every local said it was 50 metres. Eventually we gave up,pulled over on the side of the road, and ate lunch in the gutter. Sally rode back to another town (50 metres!) and got bread and butter (a luxury!!).

The next challenge was finding the right street to turn down to get to our hotel. We found what we thought was the correct one, however it was a ghost street, and it was an anxious 5km until we turned a corner and found our blessed hotel!!
We turned in the driveway together, and it was with great euphoria that we ordered a room upgrade, and settled in for the afternoon. I am well and truly exhausted.

I am also very proud of these women!!

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