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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Back where we began...

On February 1st 2013, at 3pm, the four of us met at the IntoYou studio for our first training walk for Peru. The clouds were ominous, and we went regardless. Our packs had 4kg in them, which we all felt was heavy, and our stat's were: 5.11 km, in 01:12:49, pace 14:14 min/km.

Today, over 6mths later, we met again, in our various states of disrepair, and did the same walk in 52:55, pace 11:48 min/km. We carried the same weight, and we walked comfortably.

The day could not have been further from our first walk! With glorious blue sky's, a fresh, pleasant breeze,  and a level of fitness that meant the walk was brisk but comfortable.

Our training wraps up completely from now. We have nothing to do but rest up, pack, and get our asses on that plane!

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Our photos this week are of our first and last walks, plus our last altitude training session last night.

South America here we come!


  1. Can't wait to see you all there. Hope I am not left too far behind you fit people.
    See you around midnight 10 July in Lima....
    Jenny xxx

  2. Can't wait, Jenny! I have a feeling you will smash it :-)