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Friday, 19 July 2013

Other Adventures

We spent yesterday shopping and getting a celebratory massage, before getting on a train (and then bus) to Cusco. We returned to the same hotel, where they had laundered our clothes, put our bags in our rooms, and ordered pizza for us! FYI the hotel is Casa Adina, and they are all through South America, and we understand why!
The beds are massive, and we were grateful for the shower, clean clothes, and massive bed for the night.
No rest for the wicked, however! We had our wake up call scheduled for 5:45am, and have spend the rest of today on the bus to Puno. It is an 8hr drive, which we have taken 10hrs to do. We have stopped a number of times to view Inca archaeological sites. We also made it to our highest altitude, at over 4300m. None of us are on the medication anymore, so we must have acclimatised!
We just passed through a town called Juliaca, which is unlike anything we have seen so far. The guide says over 60% of Juliaca's population is from elsewhere, and involved in illegal activity (such as smuggling). We didn't stop. It was quite depressing, dirt roads, piles of garbage, dead dogs on the side of the road, and house s made of mud-brick that were slumped and eroded.
We have an hour more to travel, before we reach Puno. Although a tourist destination, it is a more dangerous population than elsewhere in Peru. We will have to be vigilant with our pockets and our hotel rooms.
Debra has bounced back well, no longer horizontal! The training certainly paid off in our speedy recovery.

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