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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 1 - Training Day

Big day today!! We rose at 4:45am for our last shower and breakfast. We were picked up at 6am then drove 2hrs to kilometre 82, the starting point for the Inca Trail. There was a lot of waiting and checking and double checking, including a checkpoint for the government (passes into Machu Picchu are non-transferable so they make sure your permit matches your passport).

Finally, around 10am, we were on our way. Today's course was reasonably short (only 11km) and slow. We stopped ALOT! Our guide, Lopu, called it our "training" day. Basically he goes slow to check how we cope with the altitude [good!] and our fitness [also good!].

The course was gently undulating, with some short and steep sections. There were some breathtaking views. At one point, a lady on a donkey appeared to offer Deb a lift! She declined, but I wish she didn't, would have been a hilarious photo!!

We have putted into camp at 4pm. Our tents are set up, hot water has been brought around for bathing, and a hot drink is in our hands. I am looking at snow-capped mountains, and a couple of donkeys grooming each other.

I would say day one has been successful!

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