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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Debra's Story: why Diabetes Australia is our chosen charity

At an annual checkup with her GP about 4years ago, Debra was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that affected her thyroid. It was put down to the hormonal changes that she went through during menopause, and was not unexpected since she has a family history of Thyroid problems.

Not long after she started feeling very unwell, and was drinking a lot of water. Very rapidly her vision disintegrated, and she was unable to drive. Debra's daughter drove her to the doctor for various tests, which took over a week.

Eventually she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and admitted to hospital. She was there for 4 days, so depleted and unbalanced hormonally that she was close to a heart attack.

Debra was educated briefly in the hospital, and then referred to a clinic. In the clinic she equipped herself with the latest technology, which although it doesn't make her diabetes any better, it does prevent her doing more damage from high or low blood pressure.

July 18 is Debra's 4 year anniversary for being diagnosed with diabetes. She'll be spending it with us on our final day of the Inca Trail hike. She said she's doing this hike because in 10yrs she may not be able to.

You can still support us at www.give.everyday - search team IntoYou

We are acclimatising in sunny Cusco, preparing for the trail.

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