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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Saturday, 13 July 2013


I read somewhere that undulating altitudes throughout the day can help you acclimatise to the altitude, so that is what today's trip was about.

We started from our base at Cusco, 3300 metres and at our highest point reached 3800. From there we headed to various towns and places, the lowest point 2400m.

Mostly in a bus... But that doesn't matter right?

We got to feed and pet Alpacas, visited some markets, and finished the day at an Inca city that was still being used 800 years after being built.

It was called Ollantaytambo, and unlike Macchu Picchu, it was not abandoned when the Spanish conquered the city. Also unlike Cusco, the Spanish didn't feel the need to build on top of all the important Inca constructions, thus destroying almost everything.

In Ollantaytambo, the people live in the same stone houses, built in the 1400's. They use water from the same stone aqueducts that deliver water to every residence. The bus even drive up the a street barely wide enough for it, on the original stone roads. It was incredible.

Tomorrow we are finally embarking on our 4-day hike. We have a 5am start. We will emerge at the other end dusty, exhausted, and victorious!

Thus "acclimatised" we are certain of success.

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