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Friday, 12 July 2013

Ola Amigos!

On Thursday, Sandra, Deb, and I almost got on the wrong flight. The boarding gate was changed several times, and somehow we made it through with our boarding passes to the aeroplane door, before they realised we weren't meant to be there!

Thankfully we were sent to the correct flight in time.

The plane appeared to be flying into Cusco very low to the ground, simply because the Andes are so high! I got my first window-seat, and took plenty of photos that I can bore you with later.

Cusco is at 3300m, but we are all good in terms of altitude sickness (good training maybe?!). We got a bit excited after settling into our hotel, and decided to explore the town. There are some very steep streets in Cusco, and it wasn't long before we were hamming it up for the cameras. The feeling of asphyxiation hits you really suddenly - one minute your breathing, the next you need to sit down. We made it high enough that we got some great pics then wandered back down.

For dinner, Deb and Sandra tried Alpaca. It has a really gentle, smokey flavour. They seemed to enjoy it ;-)

Today we had the morning to ourselves. We met at breaky, and quietly pilfered morning tea (Jenny is a bad influence). Charged up, we embarked on a short walk to some original Inca walls, still on use in town.

On our return we stumbled on a parade, celebrating 10yrs of government run preschools. Every preschool in the district marched (over 40 of them.... That's when we left), dressed head to toe in colourful traditional dress. It was quite spectacular.

After that we found the local food market, and saw some pretty astonishing sights; whole pigs, testicles, huge corridors of fruit, guinea pigs, everything edible (according to someone).

At 1pm we were picked up by our tour guide, and joined some Americans on a city tour. We got to 3700m at one archaeological site, and everyone coped just fine (in fact, the 10-15min hike took us only about 5).

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