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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Last Friday of our walking group and we have:
participant 1 no longer coming because of work and confidence issues.
participant 2 flat on her back with a back spasm.
participant 3 limping with a niggly arthritis in her hip.
participant 4 feeling sorry for herself nursing a cold.

It'll be all right, right?!

It has been a tough final couple of weeks, despite the fact that we haven't had to train. There is a lot to do before we go, and a lot of apprehension about how we will cope once we are there. What i love about the company i am travelling with is that not one of them has said it out loud. Saying it out loud would make it real, and by literally "taking it in their stride" i am confident of our success next week.

Today we spend a couple of hours in an Altitude training facility. We have made it as high as 4100 metres (not without some discomfort). The training is fairly easy, it is mostly about spending time in the environment.

Tomorrow we meet at the gym to do the same walk as we did on or first session. Then it was pouring with rain, and we were unfit. Tomorrow will be a different story, and i am hoping it instills some confidence in everyone (myself included).

I will be keeping a diary when we are over there, and will upload photos periodically if we get a chance. Wednesday is the big day!!!

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