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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Never take the Short Cut

Today I took my mum and a family friend for a walk around Narrabeen Lake. To do the circumference nowadays, you have to head up through Cromer and take some fire trails to the sport and rec centre.

I carried my GPS whilst on the fire trail, which was very windey. At one point there was a very clear trail that cut the corner of one of these , saving us a considerable distance. Unfortunately, with only a few metres until we rejoined the fire trail, the track petered out, and the three of us had to bush bash...

I spent the last 8km of the walk copping flack for this poor decision! However it was all in good humour.

The lake walk is flat and easy. Even so, the last couple of kilometres were tough, simply because it had taken 3hrs and I was carrying 15kg.

At least we are not still trying to find the way out of that short cut!!

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