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Friday, 10 May 2013

Hiking with Kids

Today's session had 3 kids tagging along, so we packed two of them onto scooters, and mine into her backpack, and hightailed it to the local oval and playground. We took turns in doing laps of the 400mtr oval with a 15kg pack, while the other person did plyometrics and supervised the kids going nuts on the play equipment!

Plyometric exercise is a time-efficient way of increasing leg power. We did 3x10 (each leg for single legs stuff) with a 2-3min break between sets.
1) Bounce step ups
2) Side step ups and hop
3) Squat jumps (in between each push of the swing)
4) Walking lunges

With the 400mtr walk-run in between, it was a quick and sweaty session, that got our heart rates up and our legs fatigued quickly. Furthermore, the kids had a blast and let us mum's do our thing :-)

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