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Friday, 3 May 2013

Easy Friday

Today was a simple 4km flat walk, and Debra and I took Edgecliff Blvd to the tune of spectacular views. It was just the two of us, because Sandra was out injured, and Lisa stuck at work.

Part of my job is problem solving. That is, someone has a problem, like weight, or lack of time to exercise, and I see my role as assisting them find solutions to overcome the problem. Sometimes this can be confronting for an individual, as they have to create new habits, or get out of their comfort zone. Embarrassment, uncertainty, or plain old discomfort will stop them even attempting something new.

With Sandra's injury, she has not been walking at all. 10min before we met for our walk today, I threw out the idea that maybe she could ride her bike beside us as we walked. Sandra was literally in her car, driving out the driveway to pick her kids up from school. A few quick phone calls had the kids pickup sorted, then she realised that the bike wouldn't fit in her car.... At this point, anyone else would have thrown their hands in the air. Sandra threw her leg over the bike, and rode to my place from Narraweena (up the hill and all). I was so excited to see that girl ride towards us, such a great example of putting one's mind to something. It is not the same without her! And from her posts on Facebook she is feeling pretty good too.

Our schedules for May have changed slightly, with shorter sessions, and harder, and a full day hike every second week. First 20km tomorrow!

Hopefully the shorter workload will allow everyone to spend a bit more time on their recovery.

Until next Friday!

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