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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Great Friday

Today's walk went ahead despite Good Friday!

Sandra missed Church with her family to be there, which we were happy about because it would not have been nearly as fun without her! We met at Spit Bridge in a brisk south-westerly wind, and managed under 11min kilometres for most of the first hour, even though it was alot of uphill, stairs, and we were all carrying 10kg in our packs. Our goal was Fairlight, just short of Manly so we could park easily.

Once again i appreciated the specatular scenery, and the diversity. We saw a number of water dragons and one rat.

The walk was at high tide, so included clambering on soft sand, rocks, and not-really-tracks bushland. We discovered how much lower we had to crouch at one point to get under a tree with our packs on. In retrospect, we probably should have taken them off and helped eachother across.

Lisa has a busy corporate lifestyle, so it making use of the weekend to do 2 sessions a day; one 30min speed and intervals, and one long 60-120min amble. The rest of us will continue with one walk daily, carrying 10kg.

We are getting fitter and stronger, and looking towards Macchu Picchu with confidence and mounting excitement. We are raising money for Diabetes Australia Research, support us at

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