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Friday, 15 March 2013

Another Rainy Day!

Luckily, although overcast, the rain held off!

Today was a tough walk. We met at 3pm with the intention of shaving an hour off the Warringah's standard time of doing the Park Circuit at Manly Dam. However, we did not realise that the Park Circuit included two other walks, and was 2km further than the 7.3km expected!

Manly Dam is such a beautiful walk. It feels like it could be in the middle of the rainforest in some parts, and the country in other parts! With georgous streams and lush ferns, we could have been anywhere. We saw lizards and rabbits, and wildflowers.

The fatigue hit about half way with a very steep hill (although i have a feeling Macchu Picchu mountains will be a bit bigger!). After that it was all we could do to keep the pace on. We had a fall, so i carried an extra pack. Poor old Deb's knees and hips started failing about 8k in, but she had another kilometre to go unfortunately! Our splits went from 12-14min kilometres to 16-18min, but that did make the finish line so much sweeter!

Tired and bedraggled, and late to pick up our kids, we still shave 1hr 45min off Warringah Council's reccomended time for the walk. We can tell you it is 9k -not 7.3!!

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