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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Super Women

I have been mulling (and openly whinging) about excuses for a while now, but it has led me to realisewhat sensational people i have around me in this stage of my life.

There would appear to be two types of women in my social interactions, the first make excuses, then hide where noone will confront them and they can believe their own lies, the second front up and face things honestly, are accountable, and actually achieve something.

With the latter group, week in week out they blow me away. In my mothers group, for example, there is a woman who has not missed one session, even when her son was waking every 45min in the night. It is one thing for me to show up every week, with the responsibility of leading the session, it is entirely another for these tired, emotional women, left with nothing but perfectly plausable excuses, to show up regardless. The session is free, so there is not even a cancellation policy to motivate them, it comes entirely from within.

I wonder how to capture that state of mind, what is it about these people that causes them to rise above. In my case it is pure stubbornness, or as a friend of mine calls it "missaphobia" , where you are afraid of missing out on anything! However, even just last week, with all this swimming around in my head, i found myself making excuses about why Evie and i were not going swimming. The friend that was with me conveniently came up with a solution to each of my problems, and next thing i knew i was in the water, fully clothed, with my giggling and naked baby, basking the the most glorious morning, and feeling like the luckiest person that ever lived. I would have missed that, was i not in the company of a Super Woman, who gave me the nudge i was after.

My dad says that life is too short to surround yourself with anyone but the highest quality person. Anything else is a waste of time. I wholeheartedly agree, and acknowledge that i would not have achieved nearly as much as i have witout these amazing people in my life that i am continually learning from, and who do not let me cushion myself from really living with excuses.

Today and easter Saturday i worked. I was delighted to see Super Woman after Super Woman amble through my studio doors for a workout. What better reason why not to train than a long weekend? They left that excuse at the door, and i am so proud of them for it. One of them was an old client who is being tortured with an ailment that is as yet undiagnosed, but is messing with her ability to function. Needless to say she is terrified of what comes next, but still makes the time to move her body and treat he mental health. Another has had MS for 25yrs, and is continuing to defy the odds, perfectly mobile apart from a slight limp, and persistantly getting up again after she falls (literally). These people are inspiring.

I would encourage any of you to make a list today, of 5 things you would like to be or do, then actively seek it. If mums with 10 day old babies can make a start on the physical health, and others with serious chronic disease can still get themselves to a gym, surely you can book that flight, prepare for your new diet, or make that call?

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