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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My Top Tips for Cutting Calories Without Cutting Food Volume

You got to live!!

Diets often do not work because you are either cutting out a major food group (like "carbs") ore restricting your portion sizes. Both of these approaches lead to hormone driven cravings, which work against long term weight loss.

These tips are often simply exchanging "this for that", meaning you can eat the same volume, in a similar manner, and still lose weight.

1) Grated cauliflower instead of rice: It is actually quite delicious, and saves you hundreds of calories. Simply keep a cauliflower frozen, and when you are 5min from serving, pull some out, grate it with a cheese grater, and fry it up with a pinch of stock and butter (PINCH!!!). It works the same way as rice, soaking up the juice, and is sweeter and more delicious as a bonus.

2) Slim Pasta: this is a new kind of vermicelli-style noodle being marketed as pasta. It has 8 calories per serve... you read it right - 8 calories. Find it at
3) Corn thins instead of bread: theses rice-cake style patties have one quarter the calories as one slice of bread. In addition, corn has all that wonderful fibre in it, to keep your intestines healthy :-)

4) Eat green first: don't worry about eating "healthy" if you always order a full serve of salad (without dressing) or mixed vegetables (potato doesn't count) first. Simply eat until you are full, then go for the pizza or noodles - you will be too full to eat very much. Acceptable dressings include vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil.

5) Find the Low GI version: eat what you always do, but make sure it is the best version - the one that takes the longest to digest so you stay content for longer. Find out about Low GI foods at:

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