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Monday, 9 April 2012

Common Myths and Fantasys

These are a list of the things i hear with new clients, and that i am aiming to obliterate from the common myths surrounding exercise!

1) If i exercise a certain body part, i will make it smaller: NO you won't!! The only thing you can do with over-exercising a body part, is INCREASE the size of it as the muscle adapts. Think of Anna Meares in cycling, or any of the 100mtr sprinter's leg size... If you want to make something smaller, you need to lose fat - and fat comes off everywhere all at once.

2) If i do weights i will get big: NO you won't!! It is mostly women who say this - and the irony is we have not got the hormones to make muscles big. If you want big muscles, you have to train them a certain way for hours a day, one session once a week ain't going to cut it.
3) Light weight means easy weight: NO it does not!!! Light weight is relative, it means you can lift it many times. But to get a muscle adaptation, you still need to work it. Light weights is still hard weights, just you lift it more times before the "burn".
4) I need to cut out foods to lose weight: NO you don't!! But you do need to educate yourself on what is in the food you eat. Simply cutting foods out teaches you nothing, and may increase your cravings.

5) I just need to eat healthy to lose weight: well, it is half-true. Eating for weight loss is not necessarily healthy, especially if you are using supplements. Conversely, you can still be overweight and eat a healthy diet if your portion sizes are too big. Chose one goal at a time, then seek advice from a professional.

If you have any questions on myths, things you've "heard", or others have "reckoned", email me at and i will attempt to address them!!

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