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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Soft Sand, Agility, Spectacular views (and equally spectacular climbs...!)

This week we met at Collaroy Surf Club. The day started miserably, but by the afternoon it was a mild, sunny, and cloudless day. Two kids loaded into packs, we set off for a simple walk to Dee Why Beach.
We took the coast road, which doubles the length of the walk, and means most of it is on soft sand. In addition, once we made the top of long reef, we went down the eastern side to the rock platforms for some agility training, and then climbed the stairs back up again.

Sprightly Deb and Sandra were setting a cracking pace again, so to tie them up i had them doing walking lunges and little sprints up the beach. Lisa had the dubious honor of a passer-by confiding in her that our walking lunges were the "funniest thing he's ever seen".

Curiously, Lisa saved that for the bus ride home, so who knows how many other people we entertained!

Sandra's little girl did the 1 & 1/2hr trip with a lot of food bribes, but no peeps. I was not so lucky, with Evie crying relentlessly the entire stretch of Dee Why Beach. She eventually collapsed asleep against my neck, leaving me in peace (although somewhat uncomfortable!).

We will be working on our speed over the coming weeks, building towards our goal of 10min per kilometre, with our packs on. See our facebook page for updates:

Remember anyone is welcome to join us, 3-5pm Fridays , or we have some full day hikes in May and June, including an over-nighter in the Blue Gum Forest. Contact me if you are interested!

Otherwise, we would really appreciate your support, as we are not doing this just for ourselves! Sponsor us at:

Onwards and Upwards!

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