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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Walk Two... Limped home

Friday's walk was much shorter, 4km's or so in over an hour.

However, it was a sharp uphill turn in intensity... literally!

For those readers on the northern beaches, we climbed Collaroy Plateau - straight up, Alexander St Style - 7 times. In addition, we had extra kilo's on our back. Sandra and i had 10+ kg kids. I accepted help about halfway through when Leyette offered to carry my pack and child for a way, but Sandra did the whole thing on her own. I was very impressed!

It made me think about weight though. I am 60kg, and when i added 10kg of child, i was useless. Everything was harder. My back and legs burned. I was slow. I wanted it to be over. I wondered if that is what everyone who is carrying 10 extra kilos feels like when they exercise, and i am sure it is!

The thing about these girls is, not once did they complain. They all absolutely did their best (and helped me walk 4 dogs). It is just such great company. They will be formidable people when they are at their goal weight and feeling like a million bucks!

The view was worth it, as always...

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