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Friday, 14 June 2013

Effects of Altitude

We have done three sessions in the Altitude Training facility now, and are beginning to see results. Deb did a double this week, due to coming up "high risk" in the assessment, and Sandra is still super-genes. My levels are recovering really well too. I was pretty impressed today to see the difference in a short time. In addition to the altitude training, we are all sore and sorry from doing the "Home Hiking Workout" (join in! the workout is posted at: We are building up to 100 reps each side with 15kg on our backs. We are also running x1 weekly, and doing a long, weighted walk.

One week until our big Blue Gum Forest hike! It is not too far distance-wise, but the several hundred stairs to get back out through Bridal Veil Falls will be a test!

Please support us at - Team IntoYou! We are raising money for Diabetes Australia Research. This is not a random charity. This hike was the dream of a client of mine, who went blind from Diabetes, and Debra was diagnosed with Type 1 in adulthood. We want to support these people in their best chance at a normal and healthy life. Diabetes is not just a disease for people with healthy lifestyles, it is genetic, and rotten luck as well. So chip in your bit, for our modest little goal, and we will hike our asses off (hopefully literally) to make you proud!

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