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The first time i beat ten boats in the nationals!

Friday, 12 April 2013


Today's session was on the little hill between Freshie and Queenscliff beaches. We did 3 return laps of it, concentrating on placing our whole foot on the step, driving up with the big muscles in our butt and thighs, rather than through your toes and utilising the calves. On the way down, we refrained from using the handrails, for balance, and let our weight fall on each leg - this increases the gravity involved and works your pelvic floor and thigh muscles even harder.

I threw some curve balls to the fast walkers, like step up s on the viewing chairs, but aside from that it was a fairly simple 50min session.
With 3mths to go until the big day, we then sat down to discuss our training going forward. I gave them a minor heart attack when I asked for 40km in one day... I meant 4hrs, only 20km!
Legs are going to be a little stiff tomorrow.

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