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Monday, 7 November 2011

The Chariot

I have a very expensive Canadian pram, that i absolutely trashed on the weekend, and it survived!

It is called a Chariot, and it went over soft sand, hard sand, single trail, pebbles, roots, and stairs without a hitch. I was stoked! Stoked enough to plug it in my blog :-)

I got it from

Here are some pics:

Back Beach, Minnie Waters

The stairs and rocks that we conquered in order to get to back beach. I did these twice, the second time when i went surfing the next day. You can see Evie's little foot poking out if you look close enough.

The trail to the beach

Soft sand on the trail, and a close up of the unreal adjustable suspension!. Evie is also in a hammock-like sling, so she rocks comfortably on the uneven stuff.

The view from the top of the hill between Main and Back beaches, Minne Waters
  FYI i had Evie sleeping through the night before this adventure, it has fallen apart somewhat, but we are back on track today and my fingers are crossed for tonight!!

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