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Monday, 11 July 2011

De Mystifying Vibration Plate Training

Vibration training has real health benefits.
Training on a vibration plate has three main applications - Strength, Flexibility, Massage.
Muscle will contract a maximum of 40x per second, so our vibration plates vibrates up to 40 times per second. This stimulus causes your muscle to react, so you’re reflexes are firing at their maximum capacity to stay standing on the plate. In this way the muscle develops strength, the strength changes improve your metabolism and stability. Increases in metabolism mean you burn more body fat and develop tone. This kind of strength training is excellent for arthritis sufferers because the muscle reflex will cause the joint to lubricate itself, without having to move the joint, which is often painful.
The vibrations also simulate upward acceleration (the “ground“ comes up and hits you in the foot), and the muscle and bone adapts to this in the same way as they would respond to being in higher gravity - similar to the responses seen in regular, weight-bearing exercise (such as walking) but much more dramatic. These results can dramatically change the future for people with osteoporosis.
The vibrations sooth a small organ in your tendon that is responsible for preventing over-stretching of the muscle. We can trick that organ by contracting the opposite muscle and then releasing. The vibrations do exactly that in a more subtle and safe way, leading to dramatic increases in flexibility. Being able to move your joint further means you become more mobile. Increased flexibility means your muscles and tendons pull on your bones less, decreasing joint pain (such as back pain that is caused by tight leg muscles).
The massage increases your recovery time by increasing your circulation to your muscles. Similar to the reaction of your blood vessels when you’re slapped - they rush to the area - the vibrations gently encourage blood, with all it’s nutrients, heat, and healing proteins, to the area. This increases healing time, reduces soreness, and feels great!
Galileo Personal Training has been operating in Brookvale and Sydney City for over two years. They aim to use the science of vibration training to increase the effectiveness of your session, meaning you can get maximum results in the shortest possible time.
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